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Our online store is a unique platform that enables you to design, customise, and order Livestock Identification Tags for various animal species. Our Browser to Mark Technology (BMT) has been developed to generate pixel-perfect laser markings on your tags, giving you an exact match of what you see online.

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A one-stop online shop for all your livestock needs

Our smart online tag editor enables you to design and order your livestock identification tags from start to finish. Purchase your laser-marked tags and accessories with fast delivery and exceptional service, every step of the way.

  • Over 30 different livestock identification tags
  • Cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and deer
  • Browser to Mark Technology (BMT)
  • Visual and electronic ID tags
  • Worldwide delivery

Our Online Tag Editor allows you to design and customise Identification Tags pixel perfect every time.

Extensive Range of Tags
Numbers, Sequences & Text
Barcodes & QR Codes
Brand, Logos & Images
Pixel Perfect Marking

An online store that benefits the entire livestock industry

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We at Property Management Products recommend the high quality and reasonable priced Leader products.  We have found that the Enviro NLIS tags are reliable and well priced.  A lot of our customers recommend the Leadertronic tags as they can be easily read. Leader products have a range of products catering for Cattle, sheep and companion animals.

Property Management Products

Rocky Feed and Seed have supported Leader Products because of their customer service, product knowledge and willingness to help out wherever we have needed. Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble. With the ability to source from two major distribution warehouses in the QLD and VIC and a hands on team with industry specialised knowledge, Leader Products is a leading partner to rural merchandise stores nationwide.

Rocky Feed & Seed

We switched to Leader Products NLIS cattle tags and management tags about 2 years ago. Initially to support the growth of a local small business but also attracted by the low price per tag on offer. Since making the switch we’ve been very happy with the product and the service we’ve received. All tags seem to hold on well and we’ve found them easy to read. We’ve also been able to tailor the management tags to our requirements, taking advantage of colour options, tag size and print options.
Very satisfied all round.

Garth & Toni Reiser
Advanced Next Generation Technology Commencing Testing in the Asia Pacific Region.
14 February 2020

Advanced Next Generation Technology Commencing Testing in the Asia Pacific Region.

Leader Products Appoints New North American Manager
19 November 2019

Leader Products Appoints New North American Manager

Leader Products Appoints New Sales Manager in New Zealand
7 October 2019

Leader Products Appoints New Sales Manager in New Zealand

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