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Find answers to some of the most common questions our Customers ask about Leader Products.

Registering Your Account

If you have any questions when registering an account please contact your Wholesaler located within the country you are trying to register.

Tag Marking and Customization

Yes you are able to print the numbers 1-100 all you do is set your quantity to 100 and put one on your first tag then add to cart.

Yes they will automatic the sequence if you select the option. You can however have a fixed barcode as well.

Yes you are able to print on the back of the tags, when choosing the marking you want you simply select BACK and apply the marking required. Both FRONT and BACK marking will be shown prior to check out.

Yes when selecting your marking options choose CUSTOM, you will then see the option to upload image. It is a requirement to use a black-and-white .SVG image. Exactly what is displayed is what we will print.

Yes you just select your female tag first and add to cart, then choose the male tag.

Government Requirements

Each country has unique individual requirements, whether it be by province or state depending on the country. Therefore it is best you contact your national body responsible for livestock identification.

Online Ordering

As a recommended retail customer you are not able to create an account without selecting a reseller within your region, or from the list provided. As a Reseller or a Wholesaler there is no requirement to select a Reseller, however there is the requirement to complete the mandatory fields.

Yes whatever you design on your tag on the website is what will be printed on the tag.

No we print exactly what you have designed on your tag. If there is any very obvious errors you may be contacted by a customer service representative.

Yes at the checkout section on the platform you're able to select charge account. When you select this option it will be pushed through to your Reseller or Wholesaler depending on your account permission level for approval.

The platform automatically calculates the freight and the pricing is presented to you with different freight options at the checkout.

In the event you realize you made a mistake after you've checked out and paid for your order by credit card, you are able to contact your Leader Products customer service representative and they will cancel your order providing it has not been approved for production.